Lapbooking 101, The Basics

Lapbooking 101: Why Use Lapbooks

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Lapbooks have been around for nearly a decade, and have continued to gain popularity over the years. What originated in homeschooling communities across the country has grown and spread – even into traditional classrooms around the world.

Why have lapbooks continued to gain popularity instead of fizzling out as most educational trends do? There are many reasons! Here are some of the best:

  1. Lapbooking helps both visual and kinesthetic learners pick up and retain information. Lapbooks are visually stimulating. They involve not only text and images, but also a variety of shapes and colors. These elements are not only helpful to visual learners, but kinesthetic learners as well, as creating them involves cutting, gluing, drawing, and writing!
  2. Lapbooking allows seamless integration of various subjects during a unit study. Regardless of your original topic, you can almost always incorporate language arts, science, social studies, and even math into your lapbook! In a recent elementary literature class, we read Pippi Longstocking and Cricket in Times Square. Our lapbooks for these novels included maps, fun facts about insects, flippable books about counting money, and more!
  3. Lapbooking is an inexpensive way to record student learning and create a keepsake for years to come. Lapbooks can be created with supplies that you may already have on hand. All you really need are file folders, paper, scissors, glue, and colored pencils! (We will discuss supplies in further detail in a later post.)Lapbooking 101 - Pinterest
  4. Lapbooking is an easy way to capitalize on your child’s creativity. Lapbooks can be created very simply, or very intricately! There are no limits to lapbooking! If your child is very creative, you can investigate the hundreds of different foldable pieces and mini-books, and incorporate all sorts of fun paper, stickers, and scrapbook supplies.
  5. Lapbooking is more than another boring worksheet or report! While there is a time and place for formal reports and worksheets, variety is the spice of life (and education)!

Do you have any of your own reasons for creating lapbooks? Join the conversation and share your ideas in the comments!

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