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Lapbooking 101, The Basics

Lapbooking 101: What Are Lapbooks?

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What are lapbooks?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “lapbook,” but have never investigated what they really are. Or, maybe you’ve seen them advertised on your favorite blogs, splashed across Teachers Pay Teachers, or in your favorite catalogs, but you still don’t quite understand the concept. Today, as the first part in our Lapbooking 101 series, we’ll investigate what they are!

Here’s a basic definition: Lapbooks are a hands-on, creatively designed portfolio project that allow students to organize their learning into a small, keepsake “book” that fits in their lap.

Let’s break it down into smaller pieces:

Lapbooks are hands-on. Like the pop-up books you probably remember from your childhood, lapbooks are multi-dimensional and allow children to interact with their learning. Upon opening a lapbook folder, you’ll often find a variety of mini books and pockets that contain illustrations, stories, facts, flashcards, maps, and games.

Lapbooks are creative. If your children love cutting and pasting, coloring and designing and creating beautiful works of art, they are sure to love lapbooks! Made from file folders and colored paper that you probably already have handy, the mini-books inside of a lapbook can be made in any number of shapes or colors. Children can also get creative with their learning by adding their own personalized flair, such as drawings, stickers, and other embellishments.

Lapbooks are a portfolio. Like a passport, lapbooks provide students with a space to store artifacts of learning, and information can all be stored in one place without the hassle of keeping up with multiple loose papers.

Lapbooks are an organizational tool. In the process of creating a lapbook, children are required to sort the facts that they’ve learned into the appropriate pockets and mini books, which helps them begin to develop the studyLapbooking 101 - Pinterest skills necessary for later in life. Completed lapbooks can also be used as a study guide for review, as they contain all of the necessary details from a lesson or unit and the interactive nature boosts retention.

Lapbooks are a keepsake. Just like scrapbooks, passports, or sticker books, lapbooks are a keepsake that your children will enjoy looking through year after year as they go back, review, and deepen their knowledge on a topic. (And, as an added bonus, they take up much less space than a notebook, binder, or science fair board!)

Next week in Lapbooking 101, we’ll explore why you should start using lapbooks with your kids! In the meantime, join the conversation by sharing your lapbook photos on Facebook and Instagram with #Lapbooking101 and tag me @edventuresathome.


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TpT Orlando 2016: Florida Welcome Social

The Florida bloggers had a great time welcoming everyone to Florida to kick off the 2016 TpT Conference! We want to thank everyone for coming out and joining us as well as our amazing sponsors and donors!

Mary, from Full of Smiles Photography, did a fantastic job of capturing the event!


First, we must thank Adam, Amy, and Paul for coming to our event! Don’t they look great?

A huge thank you goes out to Sarah from Educlips for making this amazing clip art!

But for real… Thank you to Team TpT for coming out to the event! It was so awesome for them to come and help us welcome everyone to Florida!

BIG thanks to Tabitha Carro from Smartphone Marketing for all her support and fun giveaways throughout the event!

Another huge thanks goes out to A+ Images for sponsoring our event and giving away a class set of shirts!

We hope everyone enjoyed all the great stuff they found in their swag bags! These were packed with goodies from the Florida bloggers and donors!

Thank you to the amazing sponsors above as well as these great sponsors and donors for helping to make our giveaways and prizes the best!
A Modern Teacher
Safari, Ltd
Seat Sacks
Simple Soap
The Fit Teacher
Denise Boehm: Sunny Days in Second Grade
Amy Labrasciano
Cara Gingras: Kindergarten Boom Boom
Kimberly Solis: Elementary Antics
Your Thrifty Co-Teacher
Ta-Doodles Illustrations
Alexis Sanchez: Laugh Eat Learn Designs
Meg Anderson: The Teaching Studio
Teaching in the Tongass
Lyndsey Zurawski: Speech to the Core
Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas
Lovely Leaders
Kristin Bowers
Meg’s Crayons
Learning Harbor


We hope you’ll come back to Florida and the land of palm trees very soon!

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